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My name is Thomas Renken and I am a German street photographer. I love to travel to foreign countries for capturing the special moments in the streets of the world. My current camera is a Nikon D610, but sometimes the iPhone works also perfect.

In my "normal life" I am working as a consultant for Intranet projects and other hobbies are cooking and watching movies of different genres.

If you like my pictures, you can follow me on Flickr or Twitter or contact me under info(at)renken-streetphoto.com.
Kids are one the most uncomplicated motif in the street photography. They are always positive and that's what I love.
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I love to take pictures of stray cats and dogs.
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A collection of my most important street photography. Which on is your favorite?
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  1. Hello,
    I am Chaitra Patel, from Pune – India and I represent a luxury and lifestyle magazine called Meet the City, a bi-monthly coffee table periodical; a luxury and lifestyle global magazine published in Pune. International in content and spirit, Meet The City boasts of an eminent readership both in India and overseas, with our clients marking their calendars for the next new issue, each time its due.

    Printed at one of the finest printing presses of India, every issue of Meet The City is nothing short of a collector’s edition that boasts of inspiring and impressive content cutting across a cross section of society. Ceasing to be merely a ‘flip-through’ magazine, Meet The City has previously been proudly associated with illustrious and world-renowned personalities along with equally celebrated Indian icons and distinguished personalities who are the ‘sons and daughters – of – the – soil’ and whose contributions to today’s modern society are immeasurable and priceless. All in all, the magazine is high on content, and features a wealth of reading material, enough to keep our readers asking for more!

    The Jan-Feb 2016issue of the magazine is going to be a photo feature on Pune, depicting the sights of the city through its important landmarks, its people, food, and culture. With reference to the same, we would like to feature some of your photographs on Pune, which we came across on flickr. I do sincerely hope you would be interested in collaborating with us on this project. In the past, we have had two more issues of the magazins that have been photo books, and have featured prominent photographers from across the world. I would be happy to share these via wetransfer.com with you, if you could share your email id.

    I do hope a collaboration of this sort would be of interest to you – do let us also know your terms and conditions if any. We give complete credit to all artists who contribute to the magazine. I do hope to hear from you on the same, and will be happy to send you a few copies of past issues of the magazine for your reference, by post as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Best Regards,
    Chaitra Patel

    Chaitra Patel · January 28, 2016

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